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Pauline Suarez Perut is an independent translator

working in both her native languages, French and English.

Every language is a world.

Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

- George Steiner, After Babel (1975)

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My wide array of language skills allows me to adapt
to other industries and their specific linguistic needs


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About Me


I am an independent translator working in both my native languages, English and French. I am currently based in France after having lived in many different countries for several years, including the United States and Ireland.


As an alumni of École Normale Supérieure, Université Paris Diderot and Trinity College Dublin, I am a highly skilled translator and writer who can adapt to a wide range of texts.

As a translator, I believe in 100% human work and strive to ensure top quality translations that no algorithm could compete with.

As an avid reader, writer and gamer, I know how much it means to share your story.


My skills and passion for languages, narratives and texts of any kind are just what you need!




Do you provide sworn/certified translation?

I do not provide technical, legal or medical translations. I specialize in narration and all things cultural or academic, and can extend my skills to certain businesses and industries. Please contact me to tell me about your project, needs and requirements.

Do you use machine translate such as Google Translate?

I do not use Google Translate nor any CAT software: the linguistic quality of such translations is very low and I strive to protect the privacy of my clients' data.

I do use Antidote 10 for reviewing and proofreading, as well as dictionaries such as the Robert & Collins.

I am the author of all my translation work, and I guarantee 100% human translations.

What is your pricing for a translation project?

Pricing is calculated to ensure the best value for your translation needs.Each project is individually priced, depending on the volume of text to be translated and the type of project. This will ensure the best value for the translation provided.

Pricing may be either per word for shorter projects or per standardized pages (1500 characters including spaces) for theses, novels and longer texts.

If the translation project is urgent and/or requires working overnight or outside of my usual hours, a 20% extra charge.

As French and English are both my native languages, I charge the same price for work in either language. Translation rates are higher than proofreading and consulting rates.

Before determining the pricing for any project, you may ask for a translation sample of your text.

I have never hired a translator before. Where do I start?

The easiest way is to get in touch directly!


Here are a few options of how to contact me:

  • Fill in the contact form below

  • Email me at contact@alaplume.com

  • Or call me at +33 (0)7 50 96 95 24

You can thus tell me about your needs and the due date you would need your translation to be completed by.

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+33 (0)7 50 96 95 24

108 Cours Gambetta

69007 Lyon, France