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I am an independent translator working in both my native languages, English and French. Whether it’s translating fiction or research, transcription and subtitling, or localization and consulting, I’ll make sure none of your work gets lost in translation.

Why hire a professional translator?

Because no AI will ever replace human experience, sensibility, or judgment, entrusting your work to a professional translator ensures that none of your content and ideas are lost from one language to the next. Translation goes beyond finding the mere equivalents for each word—it’s also about finding the right tone, the right way to tell a story, present research or defend ideas, adapting to your readership or audience and conveying meaning in the right context without leaving anything behind. This is something no algorithm can do.

I am a native bilingual English and French speaker and have lived in several countries over the course of my life. I combine this personal experience with my hard-earned skills for 100% human translation, every time.

Find out more about my work ethics here!

My Specialties

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Academic Writing
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Fiction &
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Video Game
Can’t find what you need?

My wide array of language skills allows me to adapt to other industries and their specific linguistic needs. Find out more about my background here, or get in touch!

My Work Ethics as a Translator

A nprofessional native speaker's translation

As a highly-trained bilingual translator and native speaker of both English and French, I rely on my technical skills and personal experience to provide you with the best translation there is.

I do not rely on Google Translate nor any other CAT software: the linguistic quality of such translations is often very low and I strive to protect the privacy of my clients’ data. CAT software is simply not meant for translations other than partial, technical translations. I do use Antidote 10 for reviewing and proofreading, as well as dictionaries such as the Robert & Collins and the Cambridge Dictionary.

My guarantee is the human expertise for a quality translation that no AI will ever be able to compete with.

Your text, your vision, your ideas

As a translator, it is essential for me to stay true to the original text’s content, ideas, story and writing choices as much as possible. My mission is to get all your words across from one language to the next, without any losses or appropriation.

Adapting to audience & readership

I work hard to keep my translations accurate, precise and as authentic as possible. For this to be a success, it is equally important to know when to adapt and adjust to readerships, audiences, and context—something no AI will ever be able to do.

Work Ethics
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