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Writing Tutoring

Congratulations! You just finally finished your novel, script, or video game narrative—or maybe you’re still developing your story concept and something’s not quite right.

I can help get your story rolling and make sure it hits all the beats you want it to.

What it is not: cramming your idea into a “format”

Rather than working on the writing itself, writing tutoring is about troubleshooting the story itself. From story structure to characterization to worldbuilding, I can help you make sure your story is both coherent and gripping using proven narrative techniques and tools. This is not about cramming your vision into a format: it’s about delivering the desired experience to your reader or audience and preserving your project’s uniqueness. I will not rewrite your story or claim it as my own either.

Where writing tutoring can help

Story structure

Is your storyline coherent and does it hit all the emotional beats you want it to? How is the story paced? How can your story best unfold to create the desired effect?


Narrative Design for Game Developers

How does your story branch out in coherent yet immersive ways? Which plot points can become in-game turning points? Which aspects of your worldbuilding or character can translate into game mechanics?


Character & World Building

Will your characters captivate your audience? How to ensure your story world is both coherent, immersive, and unique?


A specific issue or concern

You can also tell me which aspect of your project concerns you most, and we can target it specifically to improve it.

Memoirs & Biographies

I can also help you write memoirs, biographies and family histories! Creative Writing tools and methods can easily be adapted to non-fiction so you can tell your story.

How we can work together

We first meet either in person or over Zoom so you can tell me all about your project, what your target audience or readership is, what kind of experience you want to create for them, and where you need help.

We can then agree on how deep you would like me to analyze your work, how much feed back you need and whether you want to opt for other services.!

I then proceed to reading your entire text and draft a report in which I offer general advice, or advice on a specific aspect of your project. If you opt in-depth narrative consulting, I will annotate your work to pinpoint the exact passages or techniques to improve. Once you have this feedback in hand, you can then rework your project and finalize before opting for proofreading and translation!

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