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Here are my indicative rates for each of the services I provide. Please note that all projects are priced individually depending on the service you require, document length and deadline.

If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote, click the links below!

How I operate

— I accept payment by bank/wire transfer or by check if delivered in person.
— The minimum amount of an order is €25.
— Orders of less than €150 are to be paid when the order is placed.
— For orders over €150, a 50% deposit must be paid when the order is placed, and 50% when the order is completed and delivered.
— If several services are requested for the same document, I can calculate a flat rate and offer a discount.
— For urgent orders or for short deadlines (delivery within 48 hours), a markup of +20% will be requested.

— I use the standard page (feuillet) as a measurement unit to calculate my rates. Find out more here.

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Translation rates

English to French

- 21 € per standard page

- 7 € per 500 characters, spaces included

French to English

- 20 € per standard page

- 6.66 € per 500 characters, spaces included


Proofreading rates

Proofreading & Editing
Includes: spelling, grammar, typography + style & sentence structure

- 3.60 € per standard page

- 1.20 € per 500 characters, spaces included


Pricing units: all about the standard page

To calculate my rates, I use the standard page (feuillet) and segments of 500 characters including spaces.
This allows for more standardized pricing than an unstandardized per-page rate (which depends entirely on document layout) and more accurate than a per-word rate (which does not take into account total volume and length of the text or how technical the language used is.)

What is a standard page?
The standard page (feuillet) is a unit of measurement used by French and European publishing industries such as publishing houses and news outlets. The idea is to count as a unit a standardized page, “filled” with words, without line breaks in a justified layout.
A sheet contains 1500 characters including spaces (25 lines with 60 characters each), which is the equivalent of an average of 240 words per A4 page.

How to calculate a standard page
To know how many standard pages your text is, find the amount of space signs/characters, including spaces mentioned in the statistics of your word processing software, then divide it by 1500.

- 500 characters, including spaces: 1/3 of a standard page

- Standard page: 1500 characters, including spaces
- Calculate a standard page = total number of characters, including spaces / 1500

Standard page
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