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Pauline is an exceptional translator. I called on her skills for the translation of my novel Code Lumière, which is clearly a difficult book to translate.

She delivers much more than just a translation – she gives very relevant writing advice and puts herself in the shoes of the English-speaking reader. Her work truly contributes to my book.

If you choose to work with Pauline, you are sure to have a profoundly human experience, and you will find enthusiasm, great language skills and a high quality translation. I recommend Pauline's work a thousand percent! A huge thank you!

I urgently needed a translator to participate in a symposium and I called on Pauline's services. She did a remarkable job, she is efficient and professional, and rendered my work in an academic and formal level of English. I recommend her work with eyes closed, as Pauline manages to work quickly and with great accuracy.

I plan to call Pauline again soon for the subtitling of my YouTube videos on literature!


As part of the internationalization of the Jumping Max video game, the challenge was to translate the app into different languages: English and Italian. Pauline was in charge of the English translation, her objective was to translate the game interface, the interaction buttons and the rules of the game. Pauline knew how to immerse herself in the game world in order to translate it with passion and efficiency! I highly recommend Pauline’s work - it helped us develop this game across the Atlantic and reach 30,000 downloads.

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